Jens Bäckbom Business Ideas About


My name is Jens Bäckbom and I am a venture capital investor working for Almi Invest in Stockholm, Sweden. I am currently working with seven of our portfolio companies: Learnster,, Lingio, EVAM Systems, Alva Labs, ZealID and Typelane.

Before I started working at Almi Invest 2017 I was an entrepreneur for nine years, working with Benchmarking Alliance and A3J Consulting (subsequently sold to Dreams) where I did everything from sales to system development (mainly Python/Django and various JS frameworks). Some other examples of work I’ve done in my career include:

  • Restructuring of a newspaper division in an Eastern European country
  • Research and strategy work for AstraZeneca on remote work and collaboration tools
  • LTV and cohort modelling for Stardoll and Lifesum
  • Headhunting for EA DICE, processing thousands of candidates and hiring a bunch
  • Pricing and sales strategy study for a major Nordic hotel chain

I am a big fan of lifelong learning and see myself as a generalist rather than a specialist - I have an MSc degree in Engineering Physics and another one in Finance and I’ve written a book on common misjudgements and biases.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some lessons here, more to come soon.

Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter.